Growing up I had no idea I was built to win. There was nothing exciting about my life that I knew of to smile and enjoy life. Now today I make it my business to inform others of their winning moments. See, in my mind, there is never time to waste or give up. I’m not sure when the new me woke up and realized I had so much to live for and so many other to help see the light, but I do know I’m ready to spread the joy that was freely given to me.

I remember when I started taking professional pics of myself. I had no idea I was #preparing myself for #greatness. It’s #amazing how I think back on the #moments I didn’t clearly know my #purpose, vision or #direction, but I was taking baby steps. #God was always guiding me, even though I fell, tripped a few times or ran into walls. Little did I know, God had already placed in me the #strength to get back up and #keep-going. Today I am thankful for the small steps. #realdivaswin

Join us in the journey of Winning.

Tiffany A. Green

Author | Speaker | Brand Creator

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